Feb 22, 2011

The War of the End of the World - Part Three: Real Revolutions?

So how are you doing so far? We are a little behind schedule, but that won't stop us! We wanted to highlight the parallelism of the (fiction) revolution in Canudos and the real ones starting in the Middle East, what do you think? Are idealists like Galileo Gall appearing in Egypt? Morocco? Libya? Are the causes the same, hunger, poverty, inequality? What's the role of religion? In both our book and our newspapers we are seeing the armies against the people, does the book make you more interested in these developments? Or do you think they don't have common elements? Please, let us know your views!!

Feb 7, 2011

The War of the End of the World - Part Two

The second part of the book is a short one, and quite hilarious. It seems to be an answer (or a reinforcement) to Arantxa’s comment about manipulation of the media: “The corruption of politicians and power seems to be the same one a century after the war of the end of the world”.
What about the type of journalism? How much does the article look like nowadays journalism? And the journalist himself?