Apr 4, 2011

Freedom - First part

I am a little in advance this time, and I've got the permission to start with the discussion. Here some questions as appetizer:

What do you think about the beginning of "Good neighbors" up to the autobiography (not included)? Does it fit with the rest of the chapter? Not too much for me. The start is like a bad chapter of desperate housewives: a little too much of gossiping-nothing to do-ladies which really does not encourage to keep on reading. A bit of stereotype male thinking of a woman... Luckily the books turns out to be different from the autobiography onwards. Good shift? Definitively.

What about the freedom? How does affect to the book structure? to the characters?
It seems to give this strange section arrangements with an autobiography cut and placed in different parts. The concept is given the main position already in the title and its developed through the evolution of the characters. Do you think characters are really free to chose their ways? This "freedom" seems to make them quite miserable.