Sep 25, 2013

After-summer winner

The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck

One of the most beloved novels of American literature by one of its greatest novelists. It has been described as epic, transcendental, human, captivating, tragic and idillic, a must-read… A perfect combination for our club!

Thanks everybody for your votes!

Suggested reading schedule coming soon.

As always, looking forward to reading with you.

Sep 5, 2013

Final chapters: "What is Remembered", "Queenie", "The Bear Came Over the Mountain"

As we are running behind schedule, again, I decided to sum up in one post for all the last three stories. We can discuss here about Queenie and Mr.Vorguilla, and how some things, are the same in no matter what culture... the widow man that cannot be alone for a few minutes and the runaway girl, is this a stereotype or does it really happen? This was set in Canada, years ago, but do you see that now, wherever you are?
What do you think of the whole book? Are like we were saying, some characters universal? Are family issues the same everywhere and always? Is loneliness the big character of all the stories?
Are you willing to go on other short stories? Or do you feel it is always better a good old novel? Feel free to comment on these and other topics that you might have thought while reading this book. We hope you enjoyed it!