What is the No Cookies Book Club all about?
A group of friends and friends-of-friends willing to be connected through a good reading experience.
Totally free, voluntary, fun…

To read together while being apart;
To discover books that otherwise you might have not picked;
To enrich the reading experience by sharing your thoughts and learning from different points of view, approaches, feelings…

1.    Choosing a book
Any. Fiction or non-fiction. From sentimental to philosophical. Classic or contemporary.
-        A period of books' suggestions opens through email
-        The first 5 suggestions are put to the vote at the No Cookies Book Club blog
-        The book with more votes is THE ONE
2.    Reading it at the same pace (more or less!)
A calendar for suggested reading pace, weekly discussion, and final day is established
3.    Sharing about every chapter periodically
-        Questions, comments and thoughts are periodically posted at the No Cookies Book Club blog.
-        Everybody is welcome to participate anytime.
-        Although the person who suggested the book is encouraged to lead the discussion, this is not a must.
4.    Meeting to discuss the end feeling when we reach the last page
Of course, here it comes the downside: no all-together in-person meeting with cookies and other tasty snacks… The final discussion takes place through an online meeting.
However, if a considerable number of people are in the same city, this group could get together and join the online discussion while celebrating a traditional book club meeting.
If you have questions or comments, contact us at NoCookiesBookClub@gmail.com

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