Sep 10, 2012

Brazil Red: part 1 "Children for the Cannibals". Contains spoilers...

To be honest, I wasn't such a big fun of the book when we voted... I don't know if it was the title, the fact that it was long and french... But right after I opened it and read the title of the first part, I was intrigued "children for the cannibals"? What is he talking about? And since then, I have been hooked! Old style adventures, and that I felt like reading! 

If you haven't finished the first part, what are you waiting for? 

Do you identify yourself with the children Colombe and Just? What is the best element in their characters so far? Do you like the excuse the author finds to put them on the ship, to be translators? And finally, did you expect that their father was dead? That was quite a surprise element for me at the end of part one... Any other thoughts?