Dec 17, 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance: Chapters 11 - 22

The Sheep Man arrives to the scene, what does this mean? Dance, dance, dance? Our hero, if we can call him like that, however seems to be finding his way. Is it all in his head? Is the writer playing with us? What could be the story behind the Dolphin Hotel?

Dec 1, 2012

Dance, Dance, Dance: Chapters 1 - 10

Acclaimed Murakami takes us to Sapporo, a city that sounds exotic to those of us non Japanese because it's not Tokyo or Kyoto, and for that original setting, we already start to like the book. So we enter the world of a lonely freelance writer that lives in a, surreal? fantasy? setting around the memories he has of the Dolphin Hotel.
And he decides to go back to chase his dream, is it the girl he mentions, Kiki? is it the insatisfaction with his current life?
The Dolphin Hotel is there, but has undergone major plastic surgery, it only has the same name, but where is its spirit? Why the same name? The shiny, rejuvenated Dauphin Hôtel presents new characters, the nice-glasses receptionist, the nervous manager, but mainly we are looking for what is not there, and then, everything is pitch black! What does this mean?