Feb 26, 2012

Blink, chapters 3 and 4

So why do we fall for tall dark handsome men? What about Paul Van Riper's victory? What are your views on the Blue Team and Red Team strategy? What do you think of the excess of information as an obstacle to making the right decision? I'm a little overwhelmed by so many theories, because I'm not really sure of the fact, can we actually find the reasoned answer to all these questions? Or we just go with our gut (our blink moment) and sometimes we get lucky and sometimes don't? Really willing to hear your views!

Feb 6, 2012

Blink - Till chapter Two included

Hello NoCookies,

I was a bit sceptical when I read the note on the author in the prologue: a journalist having written articles about “childhood, development and the flu, not to mention hair dye, Shopping and what it takes to be cool”… what could he say about neuroscience? Well, I must say I am enjoying the reading. It’s easy to read. He does not deepen into complicated explanations but he gives instead plenty of examples to prove the snap decision theory. That’s the point that I like most so far.

What I am curious about is the continuation, he has for the time being illustrated that we all have this unconscious intelligence and that we are capable of thin slicing information. But how can he train us to take advantage of it? Always following our guts? Let’s see…

If you are interested about this subject and how free we are to chose against our unconscious , you can watch the following Punset’s programs. It’s amazing how biological factors decide for us!

Redes - Sabemos que no sabemos lo que decidimos

Redes - Las decisiones son inconscientes